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        The WIN System

        The WIN System is a comprehensive suite of educational software programs. Beginning with unique diagnostic computer-based assessments, individualized educational plans (IEP) are automatically created for each student. The system offers solutions to the accountability issues of state and national mandates including No Child Left Behind and Every Student Succeeds Act.

        We offer a variety of educational solutions for students Pre-K through Adult that are engaging and motivational. Currently in Hawaii, over one hundred public and private schools utilize The WIN System to aid in their students’ academic success. Many schools use this system because it is easily managed and provides proper assessment and individual instruction, incorporating such structure as the Orton-Gillingham teaching methodology.

        The programs are all scientifically research based; they may be used for remediation and acceleration. The system provides comprehensive student assessment and prescriptive curriculum aligned to the Hawaii and Common Core Standards.  The WIN System allows students the opportunity to succeed while improving their math and reading skills. The system is modular in design and allows each school/community center to tailor the network to their specific needs. With long-term strategic vision and goals, we may help all our keiki develop into life long learners.

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