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        The Ware Group In Hawaii

        The Ware Group is a locally based company, assisting Hawaii's families for over 15 years. Based upon initial in-depth assessments, we prescribe a personalized lesson plan appropriate to each student's skill level. This promotes their strengths and improves upon their weaknesses. Students benefit from a unique combination of self-paced computer instruction in reading or mathematics using a variety of the best educational software available.

        The Ware Group has been building relationships with educators since 1976 by:

        • Improving schools Strive HI scores by quickly raising students reading levels and math competency.
        • Focusing on reading improvement and math competency with an emphasis on those students functioning in the lowest third portion of a school's total population.
        • Providing schools with an instructional process based on assessment and individualized instruction.
        • Blending programs from a number of the best publishers (meeting Common Core Standards) into a system that meets the individual needs of each student.
        • Developing a customized implementation based on a schools budget and the specific needs of their students.
        • Providing on-site in-service training and staff development designed around the needs of each school.